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A shared passion for understanding you and your family

We understand how hard a move away from the family network can be, and whilst we are always here to support you, working together we can make the change easier for all.

This understanding is something we have developed over many years and is centred on individual needs and an investment in the relationships we build with you, our residents family and their friends. We work together from the outset; as an extension of your family from the moment a loved one arrives. The support we offer is there each and every day, as we are committed to continued learning about every individual in our care; their likes, dislikes, and passions – all the little nuances that are vital for us to understand everyone that extra bit better, enabling every member of our team, to build strong, supportive, long term relationships.

Our understanding doesn’t stop there, a person’s background and their own passions are not only essential to delivering bespoke, high-quality care. This knowledge also gives us insights to plan the type of activities that will make life interesting and pleasurable in the home or when we plan visits.

We have a group of people here that love to watch a film in our cinema, but what could be worse than sitting through a romantic comedy when you really enjoy science fiction! If someone loves to garden, we make sure they get out and enjoy their time outside, or enjoying time at the garden centre. We all benefit from music when we have visiting entertainment, but capturing special memories with much loved tunes can really put a smile on a face and remind us all how shared knowledge is so powerful.

If you are thinking about future needs or would like to discuss those of a loved one, we welcome you to come and visit, find out more and how we can support your individual needs.