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Jackie Rivers

Activities Coordinator

I initially joined Ashton Lodge as a Care Assistant, but due to health issues I could no longer work in a care capacity so I was delighted to have the opportunity to change role and become the Activities Coordinator, a role I have loved doing since 2015.

We have wonderful people here at Ashton, so many great characters (staff, residents and relatives). It’s really important to get to know what makes everyone tick, learning about our resident’s history and the things they enjoy doing is vital in my role I need to know I can maintain their interests here and keep life fun – Its all about fun as far as I’m concerned, I have fun making sure our residents are having fun. Seeing smiling faces means we are all happy.

You learn quickly at Ashton that you need to do a very good job, work as a strong team and you have to be able to keep smiling (it’s hard not to do that here). My role is a busy one, we have some great support from people who volunteer that also keeps things lively, the community is a close one. From knitting to playing games or cooking and using the sensory activities to popping into the garden centre this place is a hive of activity all day every day. Charades is a favourite and has us all in stitches.

I am always having a think about the next thing we should be doing. But what I like about this place more than anything is that when people need a laugh they know to come and find me. When I’m not here I like to get out for a walk, recharge and spend time with the family.