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Sarah Rushmere

Health Care Assistant

Before I came to the UK I worked as a receptionist at an oil drilling company in Nigeria and as a wife and mum to my beautiful daughter.

Since moving to the UK and joining the Ashton team in 2021 I have embraced the passion that you find here, working with the residents is incredibly special, I cant quite put into words, exactly how it feels. I know that having cared for my mum for a long time when she was ill, it woke up a deep inner need to care and support people (something I am proud to say is also reflected in my daughter who we hope will go to university to study medicine). I take the view that the people here are all our parents and should be treated with the respect and care that we would share with our own – it’s a value I feel very strongly about.

I am actually a princess, from the Uburu Ihechiowa Community in Abia State Nigeria but I have my very own, I love spending time with my daughter, my husband and I are so proud of her – we love shopping! when we do its usually clothes and shoes.